Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The results so far

Our new downstairs back entryway

Back entryway. This will be so much easier to clean than the carpet.

Entryway from the garage. Still need to fix the walls and get baseboards but looking better already.

Not to bad for my first install.

Our new rug upstairs. Fits so much better than the previous one. Now to get everything else cleaned up and organized.
We're still waiting on new carpet in the basement and I need to get the wall painted and baseboards installed but at least it's coming together. Hazy sure made a mess but it's nice getting some of those things done and checked off the home improvement to-do list. I'll post more pics when we get more done, whenever that may be.


Jen said...

That looks really good! You did a good job on the flooring. The rug looks really good in there.

CAid said...